a continuous slide.

behind a bending fence, bowed

and ivy veined, the sad garden grows,

unbound, around your father’s house.


the vicar passes an envelope

to you, pencilled with the word – piano –

and begins to play something glissando.


where flowers grew, fingers potted.

ashes into earth and creasing paper:

john 6: 1 – 14, we listened for the door.

2 thoughts on “a continuous slide.

  1. Dig it much. Resonant. Particular and peculiar punctuation. Intrigues and inspires re-reading. Left me feeling like there must be a clandestine element at play. The appearance of a mystery or secret may be more alarming than the content being obfuscated. Occultation. Thank you for making and sharing, nickreeves.

    I am quite curious where this someone might have gone. I wonder. Too uncivil to ask? Everyone seems quite reverential and fretted. Blue-bells appear as my mind’s eye tries to unpack the words into meaning.

    P.s. The glissade dance step was how Alice moved between certain squares in the realm Through the Looking Glass. Done well, let us pretend, the dancer may appear to be perpetually about to fall over, down, or lose control.


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