smiling and dismayed.

if i can,

with a glance,


find focus

in this disarray,


it may be

in the raising


of the glass

that we sip


or your eyes

as they lift


to mine, gazing

on your lips


smiling and dismayed.

14 thoughts on “smiling and dismayed.

  1. Are you still cutting hair, Nick? I think UK is locked up.

    Just home after cutting 88-year-old Dad’s hair and beard, last of the cowboys, still lives alone since Mom died. He doesn’t hear well, been cutting his hair since barber retired.

    But it’s when I lean down, as I snip, and speak straight into his ear, then whip the snips off with a towel, outside, and we laugh together

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  2. There can be a lovely magic to be found in a haircut, can’t there. The being in each other’s personal space, the touch, the silence, the conversation – the company. Sounds a super way to hang out with your dad. Last of the cowboys you say? I wouldn’t imagine it to be any other way, Kim! x

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