Strange Fruit (#IWD2021)

Yoko Ono, Patti Smith.

Edie Sedgwick & The Slits.

Virginia Woolf & Joan of Arc.

Suzi Quatro, Boudicca.

Madonna, Monroe, Dora Maar.

Cleopatra, Rosa Parks.

Kahlo, Earhart, Greer.

Wollstonecraft, Nightingale & Plath.

Garbo, Franklin, Holiday.

Bardot, Frances Bellerby.

Mary Anning, Marie Curie.

Anne Frank, Hepworth, Liza, Judy.

18 thoughts on “Strange Fruit (#IWD2021)

      1. There was a moment there, Jeff, an awakening – through frosted glass – seeing SQ on TOTP, (alongside Alvin Stardust and Bay City Rollers and Slade – mostly all nonsense, of course) that encapsulates 1974 for me.

        ps: Thinking about it now, Madame Cholet should’ve made my list, too. Her name works just as well for poetic licence and she was part of one of the greatest bands of that period, The Wombles. She was their Yoko! That band, to the 10 year old me (and, perhaps, the 56 year old, too), being just as important as The Beatles. More so.

        Thanks, Jeff. Hope all is good over your side of the pond.

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    1. Lol.
      This ^ makes me smile and frown all at once, Michele. (is that a wince?) Check! I will, no doubt, hear this said at my funeral…”He loved a list and he excelled at making them!”
      Thank you 🙂

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      1. I love reading that my comment made you smile, but a frown… yes, that was a wince. 😆 Without my lists, my life would be an empty page. 😉
        Be sure to add that funeral comment to your last wish list. 😂
        Happy day and happy list-making to you! 📝 😁

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