Old Vinyl & UFO Kids

old vinyl cover
front cover 2004 album.

Old Vinyl & UFO Kids was recorded at home on a TEAC 2550 1/4″ four track machine over the easter of 2004.

cassettes’ first album is fifteen years old this month. It was the result of a particularly purple patch of writing & though I only play it once a year, still delights. Sometimes (& this goes for the written word, too) I wonder, 1) How on earth did I do that? &, 2) Am I better now, or worse?

track listing:

Hollow Legs

King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 2

Borrowed View

Obligatory Tattoo

Hot Buttered Stars

Nothing Strange

Magic Sam

St. Helier Transplant Team


Wrapping Rocks In Paper

Throw Nothing Away

Starlight Conversations

Portland Bill

(Hidden Track)

planet of the tapes 001 2004


all titles reeves except king of carrot flowers (j. mangum) & miracle (josh rouse).

I printed up 100 copies & by midsummer they were all gone.

The cover photo is of myself & some of my brothers in 1976.


old vinyl & ufo kids [2004 cdr 100 copies]
rain later, good! [2007 cdr 100 copies]
bell hill [2008 cdr 100 copies]
local lo-fi scene e.p. [2010 cdr 100 copies]
when bowie had english teeth [2012 cdr 100 copies]
west country/receipts [2014 10″ vinyl/ digital. split single with magic brother]
blood on the tracks [2015 cdr – dylan’s album reimagined – 100 copies]
somme girls [2018 cdr/digital]





7 thoughts on “Old Vinyl & UFO Kids

    1. Hey, Ivor. ‘Somme Girls’ & ‘West Country’ can be found online. Key in ‘cassettes’ & that should get you there. There’s bits & pieces on youtube, too. I keep meaning to get the other albums online… but you know how it is… slacker! thanks, man.

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