The Village Collegiate Xmas Do.

‘The Village Collegiate Xmas Do

Will be held this year in the Bingo Hall.

Festivities will commence at half two

On Black Eye Friday – come dressed for a brawl.’


The sign on the wall of the faculty

was surprising to see to say the least –

last year’s do ending so tragically

with the arrests of the dean and the priest.


We gathered in the fountain in the square.

“You’re going home in a ambulance, mate.”

It got out of hand when I threw a chair

(As a joke) at the local magistrate.


Black Eye Friday comes only once a year

So please spread it round from ear to ear.

10 thoughts on “The Village Collegiate Xmas Do.

  1. If this isn’t a sonnet for our times then…I don’t know what is!

    ‘It got out of hand when I threw a chair
    (As a joke) at the local magistrate.’

    – and who would blame you at this time of festive cheer? X

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    1. “Your Honour, in his defence, my client claims to have been under a lot of stress at the time of the crime and asks for this to be taken into consideration…”

      She said, “Twelve days in the shoe polish factory. And let this be a lesson to you.”

      Merry Christmas to you, Ingrid x

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