Witches Knickers.

Should you ever care to walk, or dare some length of Emperor Hadrian's Wall, it is advised, by Roman Legionnaires and other hardy souls in the know, to lay your best foot down way out in the west & march into the east. The wind, a constant howl across Northumbria, will be at your back and … Continue reading Witches Knickers.

Saints of The English Year – St. Wulfstan.

  January 19th. St. Wulfstan (c.1008-95), appointed Bishop of Worcester in 1062, was one of the leaders of the Anglo-Saxon church at the time of the Norman conquest, in 1066. Most unusually, he kept his position under the new Norman regime, and continued to serve until his death nearly 30 years later. He was buried … Continue reading Saints of The English Year – St. Wulfstan.